Friday, January 25, 2013

Do I want to have our video in a national Superbowl commercial? Um, Yes Please!

 (UPDATE! If you would like to see the final commercial that aired before the Superbowl, go HERE. Our clips aired at 0:04seconds and 0:15seconds.)

You may have already heard...since we've been blasting it all over Facebook lately...But our video took first place in the Pizza Hut Commercial Competition!  Out of 480 entries in a nation-wide competition sponsored by Pizza Hut and Zooppa, we took first!  That means it will be in a national commercial! On Superbowl Sunday! (Granted, it'll air before the Superbowl during the Pre-game, but on national TV in a big brand commercial!!)

I know...pee your pants exciting, isn't it?!?

Some of you expressed confusion, though.  You don't know what to look for, since Pizza Hut took the video down from Zooppa.  (We're crossing our fingers that they will put them back up after the commercial airs!)

"Is it the full commercial?  What's included?  Will I  see myself?  What should we look for?"
- Just a few questions we've gotten.

Well, I'll try to break it down for you:

Remember THIS POST, when I talked about the frustration of an ever-changing commercial competition?  Well at the very end of the competition, Pizza Hut revealed this video to show us what they were looking for:

After seeing that video, we were like, "OOoohhh! Ok!"

Side note: We had produced a funny commercial showing a story of people playing football while a guy is eating pizza on the sidelines.  While the quarter back is saying "Hut", all the other players smell the pizza and get very distracted.  When the Quarterback says, "Hike!", all the players run and tackle the guy with the pizza.  It was funny. We thought it was good.

Then we saw what they wanted.  So...we had to change the plan.

Ok, we then uploaded a video of some of the footage from that same shoot.  This time, we only edited two shots together of people playing football in the snow, and the guy with the pizza was cut out. (Sadly, that guy was Stephen.  Poor Stephen...doesn't get to be in a big commercial on Superbowl Sunday...)

Anyway, that video wasn't nearly as cool...

We only edited these two angles together:

(In case you're wondering, "OCP" means "On Camera Principle".)

But THAT was the video that was chosen for FIRST PLACE!  Both angles were included in the rough cut, so hopefully they will be there on the big day!  We were really excited last night!!  Not only can we pay our bills with the prize money, but we also have a video on National TV!! 

So on Superbowl Sunday, if you even watch the pre-game, pay close attention to the commercials.   

'Cause you will see some awesome acting talent from Janesville, WI on your screen! 

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