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I am always amazed at my husband's abilities to come up with some of the most creative ideas for short films, commercials, and the like.  He's CONSTANTLY telling me a new idea that popped into his head.

Poor guy doesn't sleep well, cause most times they come to him at night....

Anyway, here is a collection of some of my all time favorite Drywater videos!  If you'd like to see all of our videos, check out our work on www.DrywaterProductions.com, our YouTube channel , or follow us on Facebook!

1. I've watched a lot of pregnancy announcement videos in my time, but I think this one is the CUTEST pregnancy announcements. Ever. (mainly because it has my kids in it, and they are the cutest kids alive!)

2. A guy wants to ask his girlfriend to marry him.  What does he do? He comes to us and we came up with the gem of a proposal video!

3. While this commercial didn't win Zooppa's IHOP competition, it's one of my favorites because it's our first animation project, and because Jonathan and Elvira are so darn CUTE! We were given the song by Zooppa and were required to make a 30 second commercial to fit the song.

4. Ok, how do you react when a major corporation calls you up and says, "we like your work, we like your humor.  Can you make us a test video to show in our stores around the midwest?"

...um, OK!

Here is the video we made for Staples last fall.  Our job was to make a video to introduce customers to other products and services that are helpful when purchasing a new computer...and make it funny.  We've gotten word that it is a success and will be shown in stores around the country!

5. This is the final film for our student filmmakers course that we developed last Spring. Each of our students filmed and directed a scene.  I think they did really well for a bunch of students 12-16 yrs of age!!  We just got word that it was accepted into the 2013 Beloit International Film Festival!

6. Here is one of our winning commercials for Zooppa's Hormel Compleats commercial competition. (One of Stephen's favorites!)  We had some great help from the amazing Ruben Burgos at http://www.facebook.com/ThePhotographyDivision.  Check him out!!

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