Sunday, July 14, 2013

My $20 DIY Outdoor Rug!

I am in LOVE!

...With my new rug, that is...

My challenge is to spend no more than $50 to give my front porch a much needed makeover. My problem is that most outdoor rugs cost a lot more than $50.  When I did a quick search online, even the DIY rug ideas were more costly than I wanted. I really wanted a rug, so how do I do that for $20 or less?

My answer came to me as I was perusing the dollar store!

  • Carpet squares: I found some heavy duty waterproof carpet squares for a dollar each. I think they are meant to go in dog kennels, so I figured they would work really well for an outdoor rug. NOTE: If you buy carpet squares, make sure the bottoms are made with a waterproof material so they don't grow mildew. (8 carpet squares: $8)
  • Outdoor spray paint: The paint was on sale for 2/$5, and two of those cans were left over from a past project!  Score! (2 cans of spray paint:$5)
  • Waterproof carpet tape: $7 (Ace Hardware Brand)

 The first thing I did was tape the carpet squares together. I found some inexpensive waterproof carpet tape at ACE Hardware down the street.

I measured out each stripe to be 6 inches wide.  I whipped out the only thing I had on hand to make straight lines: my trusty duct tape and cardboard! (Painter's tape did not stick to the carpet.) Then I got to spray painting the heck out of those carpet squares! 

 Here is my porch BEFORE the addition of my fabulous rug (please ignore my dusty porch...)

And here it is AFTER!!
 I found this little pillow yesterday at my favorite downtown consignment shop.  How perfect is that?!

People asked me if the spray paint makes the carpet rough, and surprisingly, I don't think it does.  I also mixed satin with glossy, and there wasn't much difference on the carpet that I can tell.

I am very pleased with how it turned out, and what's great is that I can add more carpet squares anytime to make it bigger.  I am loving how much color it brings to my dusty porch!  I can't wait to add the final touches to my $50 front porch makeover!

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