Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Insulation Project

This past week we finally got insulation put into our walls.  It only took 150+ years to do this!

Because our home is brick, the company had to come inside to blow it in.  (This also means that since they had to drill holes every few feet, we have a lot of painting to do!!)

This required us to move our furniture from every outside wall into the middle of our house.  While I know it's a blessing, it couldn't come at a worse time!  We have been so busy with different charity events along with my 10 yr class reunion!! Eek!

Well, the house is done.  We should see a "night and day difference" on our heating bills.

Now it's time to paint and move everything back...ugh.

Please enjoy the following pictures of my very messy house. This is what we have been living in for a week!

 My closet is actually nice and clean...:)

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