Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Naomi's Ballerina Princess Birthday Party!

My Ballerina Princess
My lovely daughter turned 4 this year, and her request was to have a ballerina princess party.  I only had two days to throw this party together AND make it fun for toddlers, ages 1 through 5.

I wanted to keep it simple and inexpensive.  I went with a pink and orange color theme, using an old floral sheet for the tablecloth, making colorful poms out of pink, orange and white tissue paper, and creating a happy birthday banner out of a collection of white frames and colorful paper signs that I whipped up in a few minutes on Photoshop.  

I picked up some fun ballet dance DVDs from the library that are geared towards children.  They teach ballet positions and show scenes from real ballets.  The girls had a lot of fun dressing up in their tutus and dancing around our house trying to copy the dancers on the DVDs.

Each child received a pink foam tiara which they decorated with stick on gems and sparkle stickers. They also got a colorful plastic ring and bag with colorful beads and string to make their own princess necklaces.

Of course, while the princesses were dancing at the ball, their mommies were slaving away, finishing their necklaces. 

For the centerpiece, I made pink and orange ribbon wands for the girls to dance around with.  I put those in an old vase I had lying around and placed that on the table with some borrowed orange cupcake holders. 

I kept the food simple. We made a yummy fruit platter with a cream cheese dip and I made croissant pizza roll ups with string cheese and pepperoni.  I also made a Pink lemonade sparkling punch and pink cupcakes with white frosting and sprinkles.  I picked up some princess crown cupcake toppers from our local grocery store that worked well with the theme.

My goal was to have a tantrum-free birthday party...It was very successful!  I was able to keep the party structured and moving along with crafts and free play (er, dance).

I think I had some very happy 4-year-old princess ballerinas! 

Silly Faces!!

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  1. Oh my god! This cute little princess is so adorable. Her dress and birthday celebrations are mind blowing too. Want an indoor party venue space for our twin kids birthday party. Will invite all their friends and have a gala time together. Searching for some fashion clothing stores to buy dresses. Please suggest some good themes for birthday cakes too.


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